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noun/ adjective/ verb 




1. of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or

  complete absorption of light.


2. two Londoners lost in a studio with too many

  instruments & no time limit.


3. black absorbs negative energy.  It is useful to have

  something black with you to protect you from harm &

  ne-gativity when travelling or when going about your

  usual daily activities.


4. the new black.  A colour that is so popular that it rivals

  the traditional status of black as the most reliably

  fashionable colour. 








1. round, flat vinyl inscribed with modulated spiral grooves,   rotated at 45 or 33 revolutions per minute, with a hi           fidelity needle overlain to extract audio for amplification.


2. music that was jammed, analysed, chopped, rerecorded,

  processed, multiplied, deconstructed, resurrected & produced   for your listening pleasure.


3. On the tiles (informal, chiefly British) engaged in late night



4. a thin, flat piece used in Scrabble, mah-jong and certain

  other games.

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