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Black Tiles produce London band Teddy

Black Tiles has started producing three new tracks from London band, Teddy.

Fresh from winning the 2014 'Help Musicians UK'- Emerging Excellence Award, Teddy have begun recording three songs at Studio 312 with Black Tiles behind the desk on engineering and production.

Teddy's noise pushes sonic and lyrical boundaries, whilst maintaining the essence of “pop”. Drawing influence from the likes of Arcade Fire and Metronomy, Teddy makes music that tackles taboo topics in the 3 1/2 minutes that the pop song allows.

Having made massive ground in London with their infectious melodies and light electronics, Teddy have spent the last 6 months revitalising their sound in the studio ahead of new releases in the Autumn. After 'Primate', BBC's Fresh-On-The-Net asked whether Teddy's arrival might "herald the re-emergence of intelligent pop music you can dance to". Teddy accepted this challenge.


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